Next Stop, Peru

Next Stop, Peru

Although we left Portland over a month ago, it feels like the trip is really starting now. Today is the day we leave Atlanta for Peru and kickoff the “round the world” portion of our RTW trip.  The last month has been a wonderful adventure; we’ve explored many places we’d never been, drove a total of around 4,000 miles through 14 states in 21 days, and saw family and friends we haven’t seen in a while. We’ve had a few challenges and unexpected expenses along the way – my Macbook Pro and Kindle stopped working while we were driving across the country, I dropped my iPhone and shattered the screen, and the head gasket in Angela’s car blew.  Luckily we exceeded our savings goal so while paying for a new head gasket wasn’t fun, it also didn’t break our travel fund. I’d like to believe that we’ve now gotten the bad things out of the way before leaving the USA but I know there will be plenty of challenges ahead.

As I look ahead to the next couple of years I’m both excited by and afraid of the uncertainty. One of the first questions everyone asks is what our plans are and we frankly don’t have many. I know what we’re doing the first two weeks when Angela’s sister, Nicole, is in Peru, I know we start hiking the Inca Trail on August 17th, I know we’re flying to Cartagena, Colombia on August 22nd,  I know we’re flying from Quito, Ecuador to Atlanta on December 19th, and I know that we’re flying from Atlanta to Bangkok, Thailand on January 3rd (when I’ll finally get to fly on an Airbus A380, nonetheless). Those are literally the only firm plans I have for the next two years of my life at this point. I’ve never been so free in my life and I cannot wait to see what the next two years hold for me and Angela.

As we put the USA in the rearview mirror and head off to see the rest of the world, we’d like to thank everyone who took time to hang out, and especially those who took us in, along the way. It was truly wonderful seeing everyone over the past couple of weeks and we will miss you all! And now we’re off; next stop, Peru!  

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  1. what an adventure you two are headed for! I am hopeful I will be able to follow your exciting updates. Not many people will have an opportunity to do what you’re doing. May you be blessed in your travels and continue to have a fun, educational, exciting time…WOW…2 years???

  2. Enjoy! I just came upon your site on FB and had to comment… amazing how many people who enjoy calling Portland home are, nonetheless, drawn to world travel and exploration! We did a RTW backpacking trip 2007-2008 and came back completely changed. You will find that nothing is the same as before! And so, in December we embark on our next big adventure, driving, with our two dogs, down the PanAm highway to South America. We plan to explore every country in Latin America and, after that, who knows. Look forward to following along on your journey.
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