Hello Asia: First Stop Bangkok

Hello Asia: First Stop Bangkok

Yep, it’s been a while since we last posted a blog. We’ve been traveling our butts off in Asia since January – we’ve visited Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Hong Kong and we’re headed to Singapore for a few nights this weekend and then on to Indonesia. Needless to say we’ve got some serious catching up to do on the blog and might as well start at the beginning, so here’s a quick snapshot of our first stop of 2016 – Bangkok, Thailand.

I visited Bangkok a couple of years ago with my sister and was pretty excited to get back to this crazy, chaotic city. We rented an Airbnb apartment from a young guy named Snow Prince – yes, he really went by Snow Prince but Jaime and I suspect this is just his on-line gamer name. There are some not to be missed attractions in the city like the Grand Palace and the huge reclining Buddha but the real excitement in Bangkok is the street life. Traffic is horrible in the city so we used their excellent metro system to get around everywhere. We absolutely loved Chinatown and spent many a night there feasting off of the tasty street food. We have been back to Bangkok a couple of times now en route to other places and it never disappoints. Here are some fun shots from our week in Bangkok:

You can’t spend a week in Bangkok without touring the Grand Palace. Until 1925, Thailand’s King and royal court lived here. The grounds are beautiful and the buildings are covered in ornate mosaic tiles.

Bangkok Grand Palace 5
Bangkok Grand Palace 1
Bangkok Grand Palace 6
Bangkok Grand Palace 2
Bangkok Grand Palace 3
Bangkok Grand Palace 4

If you travel much through Southeast Asia you will encounter many reclining Buddha statues. It represents Buddha in his last illness before death and is a common statuary in large temples. The one in Bangkok is large and quite beautiful.

Bangkok Reclining Buddha 1


We could have spent a week crawling through the back alleys of Bangkok’s Chinatown trying all the exotic and tasty foods. It is an explosion of sights, sounds and smells that is like no other place we have traveled before. One of the best things I have ever eaten was a peppery, porky noodle soup on the street corner in Chinatown that cost all of $1.50. Jaime and I reminisce about that soup once a week.

Bangkok Chinatown 4


Bangkok Chinatown


Bangkok Chinatown 6


Bangkok Chinatown 7

Bangkok is a modern city with some of the best rooftop bars in the world. Unfortunately, most of those cool rooftop bars have a posh dress code that doesn’t include backpacker chic. We did find one bar that was looser with the dress code to have a cocktail and soak in the Bangkok skyline at night.

Bangkok Sykline Pano

That’s it for now, stay tuned for more of our adventures in Asia!

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  1. We were in Bangkok back in the middle 70’s probably before you two were born. You’ve obviously seen more of the city than we did, but it’s fun seeing what it looks like now. What an exciting life you are leading right now…keep the blogs coming!

  2. I loved seeing the Grand Palace. Was all that glitter really gold? Did you feel at all unsafe anywhere you went in Bangkok? Record the din sometime, I would love to hear the sound of the street.

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